Nina Talks BAD Covers

As a reader I see quite a few book covers. Some are amazing. Breath-taking even. And some are… well… not so great. This post is dedicated to the fabulously flawed book covers that are out there.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked down the isle at the bookstore or browsed Goodreads only to roll my eyes and think “Oh. Ya. There’s no way real men look like that!” or “Wait! Now I need eye bleach!”  The bad covers are not limited to any one specific genre either. Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance, and Horror all suffer from the affliction.

Keep in mind that the authors usually have no influence in the cover. So, cheese ball art design in no way reflects the quality of the story between the covers. I’ve found that covers can miss the mark for several reasons; Bad CG art, ridiculous unnaturally ripped men, and what-were-they-thinking/how-would-that-ever-be-a-good-idea!? With that said, prepare to be amazed.

Muscles on Muscles:
Target Acquired!
I didn't realize a 24 pack was possible.

Oooooh! How many push ups can you do?

Stir Until Confused? No need. I’m already there!

How is the view from up there?

This chicken can’t cross the road. HE’S ON A LEASH!

Animal Armageddon: 

My pet Polar Bear

::Queue Ariel’s voice:: "Aahhhh ah aaaaaaahhhhhhh..."

How does an electrified cross-eyed cat contribute enough to the story to earn a cover spot?

Special Mention:

This one was ridiculous enough to deserve a make over. I’m confused. Horse or primate?  And how is one better than the other?

I’ve showed you mine. Now show me yours. I would LOVE to see some that you have come across!


  1. Vegas Moon - wow, the chicken stole the show! :) Great post! One of my favorite series from D.B.Reynolds Vampires in America has unbelievably horrendous covers for such delicious books. If not for them, I would have bought the books as paperbacks, not as ebooks. Have a look

  2. I feel for some of the authors who are stuck with these covers because they don't really have a say in it! I mean really...how embarrassing to see your name on a cover like this: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/6078812-let-me-come-in


  3. Kara- Wow. Those are some pretty good...er... bad covers ;)

    Julie- I totally agree with you. If that ever happened to me, I might opt to un-publish the book! i think I might do a follow up post. Bad BEEFCAKE covers LOL!

  4. I must admit, I have no problem at all with the Jaci Burton cover. Raowrrrr.

  5. Michelle- He totally falls in the BEEFCAKE category!

  6. Jess just so you know I totally blame your review for me running home, downloading this book and staying up waayyyy too late reading last night.
    Damn good book! I devoured it. Now I need sleep and the third book....

  7. Blas that went under the wrong post..