Review- Night Shift

Lilith Saintcrow
Urban Fantasy
323 pages
Jill Kismet Series #1

Not everyone can take on the nightside.  Not everyone tries.  But Jill Kismet is not just anyone.  She's a Hunter, trained by the best-and in over her head.  Welcome to the Night Shift...

The book starts right off with our heroine strapped in a chair trembling in fear, being terrorized by one of hell's spawn.  Jill Kismet leaves with a mark capable of lending her demon strength but that comes with a very big price.  She's now forever attached to Pericles, one of the scariest demons Jill has ever come across; and she should know. See Jill is a hunter.  She was trained by her mentor Mikhail to fight against the demons that corrupt her world.  

The story fast-forwards to current day, where Mikahil is dead and Jill has a new demon serial killer on the loose.  Throughout the story Jill is mourning the loss of her teacher and whether you connect with her sorrow or not {i did not} you certainly become attached to Jill through her emotions.  The Were FBI come on the scene to assist, since the killer seems to be helped by a Were in some way. The FBI liasons include her friends Harp and Dominic {who are brilliant} and a new "friend" Saul.  

Saul is the perfect counterpart for a strong female like Jill.  He's gorgeous, of course, but he's content enough in Jill's shadow which makes him far more interesting to me... and he cooks! *swoon*  We didn't get a ton of backstory on him, which I was slightly disappointed about, but I'm hoping this means his time in the spotlight is coming.  

The storyline is fast paced with very few lulls and kept this reader engaged throughout.  The writing style took a little time for me to warm up to, but once I got the swing of things I realized how well played everything was. Some of the new terms aren't explained through the story, and I didn't find out until the end that there was a dictionary in the back.  Don't make my mistake.... use the reference guide.

Bottom Line:  An interesting and dark first-look into the life of a Night Hunter.  I will definitely continue reading this series.

3.5 stars


  1. LOL! I was having a hard time with the terminology too. Luckily I found the reference guide after chapter one by accident. I'm glad I had the chance to participate in the discussion. Definitely looking forward to the next one.

  2. The blurb is really interesting. I can see how it would catch your attention! Nice review Jess!

  3. Jen D- I'm glad you participated too! This month's selection is being announced tomorrow yay!

    Julie- It was dark and mysterious just the way I like it :)