Virtual Book Club- Night Shift

Until recently there was nowhere that I could go geek-out with other literati. So I thought that once a month I would host a virtual book club here at The Spinecracker; somewhere we could share thoughts and argue about plots.  I usually keep the discussion open all weekend long, so jump in at your leisure.

Night Shift by Lilith Saintcrow
I want to start off by saying, "I really enjoyed this book!"  But there were a couple of small issues I had, and I just wanted to know your thoughts about them.

One of the things that I want to discuss is her writing style.  Was it just me or did you find it hard to keep up with her many internalizations?  At about half-way through I finally got the swing of things and her style didn't become a small roadblock in the story for me.  Am I alone here?

I'm not sure why, but the whole Mikhail as her lover/mentor/mourning-thing didn't connect with me.  Am I just a cold hearted bitch or was he not meant to connect with me? Maybe I'm not suppose to like him since Saul is on the scene.  

Saul:  Can anyone explain to me why it's so bad for a were and a human to be close?  I'm a bit foggy there on the details.  He was so kind, and domesticated...and didn't once foreshadow to any risk of danger.  That will be interesting to watch!

I really enjoyed Jill.  She never quite did what I thought she might do, and I loved that about her character.  I know I'll be reading the rest of the series in hopes of uncovering more about her, what about you?  Are you hooked?  Will you read-on?


  1. Yay! Discussion day is here! I'm glad because I couldn't contain myself anymore. =)

    On writing style:
    I don't remember having too much of an issue with the writing style but, I'm sure you're not alone. I liked her internalizations and seeing glimpses of what she'd gone through to get to where she was at.

    On Mikhail:
    I didn't have an issue with him until I found out they had slept together. That whole thing kind of weirded me out. I think we were suppose to connect to Jill's memories of him and who he was to her as opposed to connecting with Mikhail. I felt bad for her when she was wrestling with the idea that it might have been her fault that he died. Heavy stuff.

    On Saul:
    What a dreamboat! A good looking, solid man who's friggin' domesticated?! Where do I sign up? LOL...I'm sorry I digress. I'm trying to remember where I read in the book that it was a bad thing but, I'm trying a blank. I want to say that it's more of a taboo in the Were community and I think Jill makes a huge issue out of it because she sees herself as 'tainted'. Can I just say that I love Lilith's interpretation of weres? Anyone with me?

    On Jill
    I really liked Jill too. I loved how her past is slowly revealed and how she deals with her struggles. I like that she came thisclose to breaking and then pulled herself together and did what she felt in her heart was the right thing. Speaking of which...what did you think of the ending?

    On..jeebus I forgot that SOB demon's name...
    That guy was scary as hell. I think there's something fishy about the whole demon mark deal thing that Mikhail made Jill get into. And the monthly meetings...brrr...creeptastic.

    And yes...I'm definitely reading the rest of the series. I need more Jill and Saul and I need to know more about this whole bargain thing. I would not be opposed to making the other books in this series book club selections....I'm just sayin'. ;-)

  2. Jen: I'm so glad you're able to make it by today!

    Mik: I totally empathized with her there too. But other than that I didn't get to connection to their relationship. He was suppose to be old right/ and they're lovers and then he cheats on her? I was like Whoa, I don't really like this guy for my heroine. But I think you're right. He was maybe used more as a tool to empathize with Jill than anything else.

    Saul: totaly loved Saul too!! and I agree, weres are normally my thing, but i really enjoyed LS version! I can't wait to see what happens with them next!

    Jill: what strength huh? ...and not her demon strength. She has such will. If my archnemisis was tied to a chair pleading for me to kill him I know I wouldn't be strong enough to walk away. really amazing!

  3. Jen; I'm glad you brought up the demon. I totally hope we get some more flashbacks from Jill about why Mik had her take this mark from him and why she's now forever linked to him. I'm thinking this will be her series-long struggle we'll have to look forward to.

    Um yeah scary as hell is right. Through Jill's reactions to him I was totally disgusted with him. I mean i get it, he's a demon but he wow crazy/nuts doesn't begin to cover it. And the fact that he's beautiful is such an interesting play at that stereo-type "dont judge a book by its cover" HA!

    This will be the most interesting battle to watch!

  4. Me too! Yay for light work days. ;-)

    I don't think there was a romantic relationship per se. He took her in off the streets, he trained her to take out baddies, and they happened to be lovers. I think she says something in the book about him saying that it was natural for a student and teacher to sleep together because it strengthens the teacher/student bond. Don't quote me on it because I'm not 100% sure but, I think it was something to that effect.

    Speaking of Saul...how cute was it that he tied that silver bracelet and one of Jill's charms to his hair. I damn near fell over from swooning.

    Me either. How about those once a month meetings where she gets every opportunity to off what's his face and always manages to walk away without doing it. She's one tough cookie!

  5. The demon mark angle was one of the aspects that hooked me line and sinker. I just can't shake the feeling that Mikhail was somehow conned into asking Jill to get the mark by that Sorrow lady. It might be a stretch but, that's what I'm going with. I know it grants her all this extra ability but, she's tied to that sneaky bastard until the end of her contract. Ugh! Oh speaking of her special abilities...I really want to know what caused her to almost die and ended up giving her the ability to go 'between'. Is that part of the demon mark or just related to her near death experience. Ack! My brain is overloading....see....I needed to get this stuff out there...LOL!

  6. Perry! that's the demon's name :)
    Maybe her mark released someone from their mark with him! Is that what you're thinking?! Maybe the Sorrow lady was his last "pupil" and she manipulated Mik somehow. Maybe she brainwashed him!

    So in love with Saul. I can't wait to see how him and Jill try to move forward. and the ending.... *awwww* He seems to be totally ok with her being the alpha, if you will.

  7. I'd be interested in knowing more about Dom and Harp. I thought they were a great mix to the story. I really hope that through Jill's relationship with Saul {crosses fingers} we'll learn more about the dynamic of the Were community.

  8. Let me ask your opinion: As a Hunter, Jill is in charge of policing demons correct? She doesn't kill them willy-nilly right? And that's why it would make her "lose her soul" if she killed Perry...because then it'd be murder.

    ...I just want to make sure I'm following the correct chain of thought.

    And why did Perry run away from her when she figured everything out there at the end. Did he think they other Demon cenci would kill him or something? B/c if Jill killed him then he would have succeed right? I didn't get that part really....

  9. Friggin' Perry. I'm glad you were able to figure it out because it was driving me nuts that I couldn't remember. What kind of a name is Perry anyway?!

    All interesting theories with good potential. I guess we'll just have to keep reading to find out.

    LOL...definitely looks like he doesn't mind being the beta. I am so rooting for them to find a way to make it work. I agree with you about Dom and Harp. There's another tough cookie I wouldn't want to mess with. I guess with these weres it's typical for the female to be the aggressive one. I'll cross my fingers too.

    Here's my take on the sitch...the reason she didn't kill Cenci was because she realized she would be doing it because Perry told her to as opposed to killing her because she warranted being killed. Jill realized that all the destruction and damage Cenci had caused was done to protect the were that was with her. Hence if she killed someone who didn't necessarily deserve it should would lose her soul. I think the reason she can't kill Perry out right is becuase it would violate whatever contract they have (which by the way I'm dying to find out more about it) which in turn would cause her to lose her soul...or something to that effect.

    I think at the end of that battle scene he takes off because he failed to break Jill. He knew she'd continue with her monthly meetings so why stick around and potentially get his ass kicked. Although you make a valid point about Cenci coming after him. I hadn't thought about it that way.

  10. I think his full name was Pericles...isn't there some roman god with that name? lol

  11. You're so sure of everything. I think this teaches me not to try and mix family and reading. I think my add rears its ugly head... I need total silence. B/c I just don't think that I've "got" everything like you did.

    ...makes me want to re-read :P

    So when we gonna read Hunter's Prayer?!?!

  12. Oh..it is? Wait...I need to google this....okay so according to Wiki he was a prominent and influential statesman, orator, and general of Athens during the city's Golden Age. Whatever...I still think it's a silly name. LOL!

    No, no my dear. I'm never sure of anything. Don't feel bad. I'm kind of OCD when I read. If I don't understand the paragraph the first time I'll re-read it until I think I do. I know how you feel though. If I'm quiet for more than 10 minutes my boyfriend will start talking to me. Can you believe one of the times he interrupted me was during the final battle?!?

    You say the word and I'm all over it!! =D

  13. Greece, Rome I knew it was one of those crazy cities :P

    So since i've got you thinking you're all smart and all wanna explain "inbetween" to me? *begging on my knees* (at least the best you know how)

  14. Lmao! For all I know I'm completely wrong. Okay here goes...I think the in between or the between is hell or something similar. Or maybe a plane between the living and the dead. It looks like she can see memories or flashbacks of past events. I'm hoping the next will break down exactly what it is.