Tis the Season

The holidays get people all warm and fuzzy inside, and put some in a very generous mood.  Here is a list of my favorite holiday giveaways happening this Christmas season in blogland.  

WLP's "The Thirteen Wicked Days of Christmas"
Starting December 13th, the site will quiet down on the reviews so it can focus solely on interviews and giveaways for the fans, and will host a different author each day.  Full details by clicking through on the button below:

Vampire Books Club's "2011 Winter Preview"
For the rest of the month (well, until the 28th) the site will post early reviews, author interviews, giveaways, and previews of some the most anticipated book releases of 2011. Full details by clicking through below:

Dark Faerie Tales is teaming up with Tynga's Reviews to host "Dark Winter Tales"
Over the course of the month 15 authors will stop in and contribute to an on-going story...and giveaways will accompany most posts.  Full details by clicking through below:

Smexy Books' "12 Days of Naughty Books"
For all those looking for a little romance this holiday season, starting Monday the site will have 12 different authors stopping in to chat and give away naughty books.  Full details by clicking through below:


  1. Woo! Thank you for layin' em all out like that. I'll be sure to make the rounds.

    Hm. I'm feelin' that Smexy Claus photo. Imagine all that comin' down your chimney on X-Mas eve. Woop woop! ^_^

  2. Mandi & Tynga: Anytime :) They're great events!

    Alisha- LMAO He's even wearing the required Santa hat :)

  3. Jess, this was a great idea listing all of the great giveaways going on right now for the Holiday season. :)

  4. Some great giveaways. :) I would love to have a giveaway for the holidays. But well, you know how it is. ;) Thanks for the links