I Double-Dog Dare You...

This month's DARE is courtesy of my friend, and H&H partner in crime,  Natasha from Wicked Lil Pixie.

Nat says:
Zombies are under-rated, but so is the awesomeness that is Mark Henry. There is no other male author as snarktastic as Mark and the heroine, Amanda Feral kicks serious ass.

I dare you to read the first book in the Amanda Feral series!

Gleefully, I accept!  I don't read near enough male authors.

Mark Henry
291 pages
Amanda Feral #1

Before she became a zombie, Amanda Feral had everything under control. This sassy Seattle advertising exec and full-time party diva knew how to cope with club leeches and overbearing clients, but fending off the undead is clearly something else. As Amanda gradually adjusts to her new, exceedingly weird identity, she learns important lessons about shapeshifters, reapers, bloodsuckers, dressing to truly kill. A hysterical paranormal debut romp.


  1. Oh AWESOME! can't wait to hear your thoughts!!

  2. Pam: I can't wait to have thoughts :D

  3. Nice one! What did you dare her to read?

  4. That's exciting Jess...this one sounds good! Can't wait for your review on this one because I also do not read enough male authors!!!