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I love music.  Always have. I like scouring the web looking for and listening to all the new sounds that artists put out.  I'm constantly amazed by it. Here's what this month sounds like...

***I never ever EVER steal from artists (bands or authors). Everything posted here is either a free download provided by the artist or from my personal music library***

Two rad bands, Deerhunter and Sleighbells, are covering a few Pylon tracks on the new 7" single "Cover+Remix"  Each tracks is unique and all kinds of bad ass.

"Cool" -Deerhunter
Cool (Cover by Deerhunter) by DFA Records

"Yo-Yo" -Alexis Krauss from Sleighbells and Calvinist
Yo-Yo (Remix By Calvinist) by DFA Records

When M83 released Saturdays=Youth in 2008 I declared that my summer album that year. Each song made me feel like Molly Ringwald, part 16 Candles part Breakfast Club.  The talented front man, Anthony Gonzalez released a teaser track from his upcoming album Hurry Up, We're Dreaming and I am not kidding, I played it 3 times in row.  I am IN LOVE.  And now I can't wait to hear the whole album.

"Midnight City"

The first time I heard ST. VINCENT was on a duet with my man, er I mean with Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, on the New Moon soundtrack. (no laughing)  There was something about her voice that was really beautiful and also stirring.  She's got a new album Strange Mercy out in Sept that should be both of those qualities... if this recently released single is any indicator.


I found this track recently from TEEN WITCH, and it makes me want more from them.  Their self-titled cassette is a limited run at the moment from Whoa Whoa for $5, but I have a feeling we haven't heard the last of them yet.  Check it:

"I Don't Mind"

Each time I listen to this track from THE FEELIES I think summer!  Their album, Here Before, has been available since April. The band are back together after a 19 year departure and you can hear how happy they are to be back at it again.  I dare you to be in a bad mood while listening to either of these tracks.

"Should Be Gone"

Bonus Track:
Way Down by The Feelies

When I'm looking for something outside the box, I look to CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH. Frontman Alec Ounsworth re-invents himself time and time again.  And the 2 tracks that have been released from the upcoming album, Hysterical, are no exception.  The polished sounds will be sure to bring new fans to the band.


"Same Mistake"

I added this GEM CLUB track to my DL playlist, and each time it cycles through I think "Oh, I like that!"  Their new album Breakers comes out Sept 27th and you can bet I'm going to check out the rest of the tracks on it.


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  1. The cover for that M83 song creeps me out. Pretty cool track though. Every month I'm just amazed at how different our musical styles are. You are introducing me to lots of artists and music I would not have known about otherwise. :)