A Question for the Audience

Nina and I are currently consumed by a certain series book, Hammered.... hence the reason we're so behind on our other reading and reviews.  This book is the last book for a while from the author, so we're savoring it.

One of the many hilarious scenes in the book is when a character announces that a certain inanimate object has changed her life.  The scene made us both laugh out loud.  For a couple days!  I won't ruin your experience by telling you what is so fascinating that it has changed her life... it also won't be as funny without her "delivery".  ::I seriously just snorted as I wrote that::

So it got Nina and I thinking about what thing has changed our lives.  Mine is actually 2 things, but they're almost the same so I'm not forcing myself to choose.   The ipod and the iphone.

When I got my first ipod in the early 00's it changed me.  Putting all of my music in one place, that's not only easily accessible but portable too, affected me forever.  One word. Random Shuffle.  ok that's actually 2 words or technically a phrase, but whatev.  Random Shuffle reminds me of songs that I loved once but played too many times in a row and got sick of after a week.  It moves from punk, to folk, to low-fi, to pop, to rock, to top 40... and everything inbetween. I heart random shuffle.   But the ipod in general has seriously changed how I listen to music... and the fact that I can listen and take it everywhere.

The iphone takes my love of music and adds a phone, a GPS, a Camera and now a video camera, Angry Birds, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and a Kindle all in my back pocket.  Of course there are tons of smart phones out there at this point, but I will always have a soft spot for my iphone.  The way everything is seamlessly tied in together is amazing.  I can be on the internet looking for a Thai restaurant on Yelp in a neighborhood I'm not familiar with, and you can click on the phone # on the site, and it'll take you to the phone directly, or you can click on the address and it'll pull it up in "maps" and you can get walking/driving directions to the location.  You can be in a heated argument about whether Robert Duvall or Kevin Bacon have been in more movies (true argument after I decided that there should be a game called "the 7 degrees of Robert Duvall" too) and you can pull up the IMDB app and figure out who's buying who's drinks.  You never miss an opportunity to capture the moment, because you always have a camera in your pocket.  I have to stop, because I could talk forever.  But yeah, my iphone is a life changer.

Nina says:
The item that has changed my life is my coffee maker. Anyone who knows me, knows I can't live without my crack... errr... I mean coffee! Yay! COFFEE! Maybe this sounds cliche. Maybe it sounds like I have a habit. But when your an insomniac, it comes with the territory.

Ever since high school, I have had terrible bouts of insomnia. I'll go 3 or 4 weeks at a time with only sleeping 1or 2 hours a night. That becomes a little problematic after a while.  So, when I went to the doc  and told him I refused to take sleeping meds, he prescribed another kind of medication... coffee!  It allows me to be functional, and doesn't mess with my erratic sleep schedule. Ever since then I've loved it. My first job was as a barista in a coffee shop, and I still miss it sometimes.

The day I bought my first coffee maker was glorious! I went to BB&B and scoured the shelves. I knew exactly what I wanted. A white kitchenaid with a timer, and a 12 cup carafe. I bought it. I took it home. I brewed my first pot. I fell in love.

Last christmas I was at my parents, and realized my mom had an espresso machine stashed up in that crap hole of a cabinet above the fridge. (Come on! You all have them.... and you know it's full of shiz.) The poor thing had been up there for years. YEARS! I dubbed that day "operation: free espresso!" I tried to steal... I mean.... rescue it. And got caught. By my mother. Well, crap. So I decided I wasn't beyond begging.

I begged my mom to give in to me. And she said no. I pleaded. And she still said no. I even did that pouty thing that ALWAYS worked when I was 5. Alas, I am no longer 5, and she still said no.  So, for now I have another white kitchenaid coffee maker.  It's great; don't get me wrong.  But one day, I will have a better one. Because coffee has changed my life!

But we want to know:  WHAT ITEM HAS CHANGED YOUR LIFE?


  1. I'd have to say the thing that changed my life is my computer. I've always done office work, and I can't tell you how excited I was to finally get a computer so I didn't have to type everything on a typewriter any more. At home it opened up new worlds of communication, and allows me to do everything - from writing emails, to reading books, listening to music, sorting through pictures, reading blogs and keeping up with social network sites. I couldn't live without it.

  2. I would have to say Kim Harrison's Dead Witch Walking changed my life. I reached out to her as a fan and she opened me up to a world of urban fantasy and awesome readers.. Since then I am proud to say most of my close friends are authors and bloggers..All because of that book.. I am so lucky..
    Extra lucky because you two are my most excellent friends.. and Nina... I have a espresso machine you can has...I never ever use it...for reals..

  3. Barbara: Totally agree! Couldn't live with out my laptop

    Synde: OMG she changed my life too. She was my first adult UF series.
    and awwww {{hugs}}

  4. For me it's two-fold.

    First was The Lord of the Rings. It was the first ever book I read. I was one stupid teenager and didn't even read the book mandated by school. But The Fellowship was my first reading experience and it was fantastic. First of many. Re-read that book like 7 times (was poor and didn't have any other books).

    Second was Dune. The Mentats in the story made me change the way I think. And that Wheels within wheels, plans within plans made me more thoughtful as well. I remember the moment I read it and my mind going "Ahhh. Think it through. Repercussions. Consequences.". Very good book/series too. Re-read that one like 10 times (was poor again and only had that one book.)

    And totally agree on the iPod. All my music and audiobook in one place? Give me a solar charger thingy and bring on the apocalypse! I'm ready!

  5. Lavos: OK, what is it with men and DUNE? The movie. The book. (they are the same right?) I can't get into it.... well I never tried the book, but the question remains. LOL

    And yeah we need to get working on a solar charger for our tech! :D

  6. *gasp* The books are great! Movie was kinda meh. Miniseries was better. Try the first book, if that doesn't do it for you, the rest of the series won't either. Plus, you'll know you're dead inside ;)

    And there ARE solar chargers around. I just don't trust the technology. Too new. The sun has a lot to do to prove itself to me.