News: Ilona Andrews

Did you know that Ilona and Gordon, aka Ilona Andrews, are working on a new series?! No? I didn't either. Until yesterday. Tori, who writes reviews for Smexy Books, and also writes articles and such for Heroes & Heartbreakers, clued me in via Twitter.  I am LOVING what I'm seeing/reading and I just had to share with you.  It's a lot darker than any of their other works, and I'm anxious for an entire story.  Luckily, we don't have to wait tooo long. The series' prequel will be part of the Angels of Darkness anthology, set to publish October 4th. The book also includes stories from Nalini Singh, Meljean Brook, and Sharon Shinn. 

The series is, at this time, called Alphas: Origins. They have the current Chapter 1 up, and Tori was kind enough to find the old Chapter 2 for me. (Please note: These excerpts are NOT final.  Contents of the excerpt/actual printed book may differ from this version.) 

What do you think?  Likey, no Likey?


  1. Well I haven't read Chapter 1, I don't like to read them before the books. But I will be reading and getting this series. I will read anything and everything that Ilona and Gordan write. I love there books.
    I completely forgot about this short story anthology they are writing in, thanks for reminding me. I love the cover :)

  2. I must admit that I still haven't been able to read anything by Ilona Andrew's yet but I know I need to. I'll have to check out an earlier book first before I get too excited. I'm interested to see what you think of the prequal when it comes out. :-)

  3. Yes!!! Fabulous news (and completely new to me). Thank you thank you thank you for making my day!!

  4. A new series? I just have one thing to say: Yay!