Happens to the best of people.... and me too

Apologies for falling down on the job.  I'm reading a ton (already 4 books in to my 10 book challenge) but not able to write at the moment.  My Double Cross non-review must have zapped whatever little creativity I had.  Just waiting for something interesting to come out of my brain again.  

Luckily, it seems red wine is a cure.  I'll be valiantly pursuing this form of medication over the weekend....the sacrifices I make for this blog.

Hope you have a great weekend.


  1. LOL. You are making a truly valiant sacrifice this weekend!!!

  2. Lol! Sounds like a awful sacrifice. I don't feel bad for you at all. ;) Hope you had a great weekend.

    I'll tell ya. I am running out of internet time here. I have a review or two I need to type up. I'm able to read, but getting on the computer long enough to get a review done is getting tough these days. :) I will get them done though... Hope you have a wonderful weekend. And get to those saucy reviews. ;)