Review- Venom

I pre-ordered Venom, the 3rd installment in the Elemental series, as soon as I completed reading Web of Lies a long time ago. I waited in anticipation like all other fans.  And I am a fan. I miss Gin during the waiting periods between books, and I often wonder what her and the rest of her crew are getting into.  She's a great character to watch.  Somehow you fall in love with her morals, even though most of her life she's been a hired assassin, taking justice into her own hands.  You admire the strong bond she has with her team/family. And I truly enjoy the dynamic she has with each of them.

Venom's story-line is an easy next step in the series.  The villain is very villainous, and Gin becomes one step closer to her true target, Mab Monroe, in the process of dealing with him.  The story has some high points and some low points, but by the end of the book I'm happy with the progress that's been made. The book definitely left me wanting more.

Some of the issues I have with the author's writing style are still present.  I still find the repetitive narrative a little tiresome.  And it irks me that Gin is hinted at being one of the strongest elementals ever known (especially in this book) and yet minus using her ice power to pick a lock once, she doesn't use her abilities in this story. It became slightly frustrating during the fighting scenes, and drew my attention away from the action a little.   

I loved the addition of two new characters in Venom.  Bria Coolidge and Owen Grayson.  Both signal changes for Gin's character, and I'm all for it.  I loved waiting to see if anything would develop with Owen. And I'm so happy to be rid of that Donovan Caine [narrows eyes viscously at the mere mention], and if she'll stop comparing him to Owen all the time, these two might really have a chance.  Gin is opening up to him like she wouldn't in the past, and I for one was excited with this change from her.  Bria brings with her a lot of information about their past, and I'm really excited to see what's next for her and Gin.  We don't get a ton of face time with her, but she has a few very honorable mentions in the story that make you anxious for more. 

Like I said, by the end of the story I think Gin is finally somewhere I've wanted her to be for a while now.  She's stronger somehow, even though she's much more open and therefore more vulnerable. I'm excited for what lies ahead.

Bottom Line: Fans of the series will be happy with the developments in Venom, but, and I feel like a judge on Project Runway, I want more from you Gin. 
3.5 stars


  1. Thanks Ruth. I'm glad to have company.

  2. Agree agree agree agree agree agree. I agree with everything you said. Great review Jess!

  3. I'm telling you we're review twins ;)

  4. Okay, I have the first two books of this series on the shelf here. And I want to get to them so badly!!! :) But, I have to get through some of these other books first. :) Thanks for the review. I look forward to reading these.