Review- Pleasure Unbound

My favorite thing about Larissa Ione's Pleasure Unbound was watching the social action and interaction.  It was interesting to imagine a world where demons exist such as we do, and struggle with some of the same elements of life, such as family feuds, career goals, unrequited love and social politics, just like we might. Ione's world-building was original and well planned, and other than tripping up on some of the many new terms introduced I found it interesting and easy to imagine. 

One of the hardest things for me to get past, was the love story. Believe it or not, the romantic connection just didn't work for me.  I never felt that spark between Eidolon and Tayla, and I never understood what they saw in each other, other than looks.  I know I'm in the minority for saying that, but their passions didn't feel true to me.  

While Pleasure Unbound is truly a romance novel at heart, and the romance and I didn't mix, I was surprised by how engrossed I became with the plot. I was often surprised with where the story flowed, and along the way I realized that I had become rather attached to some of the secondary characters. I'll be interested to see who's story is next.

Bottom Line: Main characters and I didn't become best friends, but the ground-work that's been laid has me anxious to know what's happening next.

2.5 stars


  1. The world that Larissa's built is Fan-tastic! It's one of my most favorite part of this series. As with most series, the books get better and better as the series goes on so I'm glad you are going to stick with it.

  2. I do love this world though I will say this isn't my favorite book in the series, I think they get better as they go and the pairings get richer and more complex and more emotional as well. Sin and Con are my favorite and they're last:) Can'tw wait to see what you think of the others!

  3. Julie: Yes I loved the demons! They were pretty wicked. I will be reading on for sure

  4. Jenny: I'm anxious to try a different couple. I don't know what it was with these 2. But i do love the demons in general!

  5. I have not read any of these books. I have heard they are good, but I thought the romance would be a little to much for me. So I keep passing on them. Thanks for your review here. :)

  6. Melissa: And it might be too much. There was a lot. Thanks for reading the review though :)