NON Review- Double Cross

I've started and re-written this review 7 times already.  There's just no way to come off without looking like a complete fanatic, so I'm giving up. 

[slowly raises from chair and announces] 
My name's Jessica. And I'm a Midcity-holic.  I'm ready to take up a job on the Midcity Eagle, only serve my coffee "brown cow", and curve my mexican cravings at El Burro so that I don't ever have to leave.  

I had this entire review written up where I talk about how happy I am to see Simon's character playing such a big part because he's so diabolical, and does great things for Justine's character.  And how frustrated I am with Justine in general; how at numerous times I screamed at the book "you're such an idiot" and adding, "His face is in shadows and you can't complete the deed. Don't you realize what that means?!?!" I had planned to discuss how Packard's interactions with our heroine are as cryptic as ever, making us readers just as confused as Justine and how brilliantly it's all pulled off.  I prosed about Justine's strong convictions against what she's doing to the "marks" and how much she's changed in this book...while still staying frustratingly the same.  I'd wanted to describe in depth, how I see each of these characters just like you'd want to see a super-hero; constantly battling with their alter-ego only to push their character farther from what you expected. And how quotes like "You're contorting so wildly to pretend you're on the good side, you're like a fucking sideshow act. Reality check, sister. We're the bad guys." have me throwing up my hands and shouting "Yes!"  

But alas, this could not be.  I am a mere mortal and I've fallen victim to a story that had me cupping my hand over my mouth more times than ever should be normal, and therefore my brain has turned to mush.

Bottom Line: This edition, and I say edition b/c when I read Double Cross I'm holding a shiny 7"x 11" graphic novel in which the story unfolds within black rimmed, boxed panels and the dialog comes out of word balloons, has everything you've really always wanted... even if you didn't know that's what you needed. 

5 stars


  1. LOL hilarious and I agree 100%!
    Wonderful book and Carolyn is made of evil for doing this to us, awesomely evil but still. ;)

  2. SS: Yes, in fact my first tweet of the day was to tell her such :) hee hee EVOIL

  3. Great non-review Jess! Incredible book by an incredible author. I agree with everything you said.

  4. Thanks Julie. She's incredible....and EVIL :P

  5. I agree with your review, I settled with good ending tweet.

  6. lol! I had to rewrite my review twice. It was so hard to write for some reason. Now you know why I added the curse meter. I screamed at Justine so many freakin times!

  7. Colette: I'm glad I wasn't the only one :) Every time I'd write something, I'd say "that's bullshit. It's not about that. It's just f'ing fantastic now go buy"

    I'm with ya on the screaming...but it's all worth it :)

  8. la la la la... *fingers in ears shaking head* Okay, I didn't want to not stop, but I have to not read.. ;) I started to read and read the first sentence and stopped. I am sorry. I will have to come back when I'm done to this review. :)

  9. This is actually pretty non-spoilery. But I totally get it! I STILL need to go back and read all my reviews :)

    Have a great night