Absolute Nonsense

I'd like to think that I stay up on politics and try to know what's happening in my world.  But sometimes it all just becomes too much.  Sometimes I need a little comic relief.  So I remembered this ridiculous video I saw a million years ago, and went in youtube search for it.  I found it.  And I think it's still hilarious.  So here is my Humpday post. 

Disclaimer: I'm not trying to offend anyone and I did not make this video, but I did laugh out loud.


  1. OMG! Jason and I saw this ages ago and we were just talking about it over the weekend! "I am le tired" makes me laugh every single time!!! LOL

  2. How bizarre is that that you guys just thought of it recently too?!
    *queue Twilight Zone music*
    "I am le tired" is my favorite part too! And the part where they wrote cigarets and then scribbled it out to write missiles. LOL!

  3. that was funny, I don't care who you are .

  4. Sharon: I find it really funny too. It's nice to just laugh sometimes at politics :)

  5. :) I liked how the meteor decided it doesn't need to hit us. Great video.