Review- Three Days to Dead

Meding had me at hello.  I've never come across a title so blatant.  I loved how the title just tells it like it is.  And thankfully the story within never swayed from this sharp-as-glass attitude.

Evy wakes up on an autopsy table naked and disoriented, but things only get worse when she looks in the mirror and sees a complete stranger staring back at her.  Come to find out Evy's technically dead.  She's been brought "back" into someone else's body by her handler.  See Evangeline Stone is/was part of a triad team, a secret tactical group of renegades that protect the people from the "other" beings that inhabit the earth. The rest of her team is dead and she looks guilty for the job. Only her handler, Wyatt, believes that she's been framed and that there might be something bigger taking place.  But nothing is ever simple for Evy and Wyatt. Her resurrection wont last forever; she has exactly 3 days to figure out who's got her on the lamb and why.

Just like in the movie Momento, Three Days to Dead captures a unique perspective only acomplished through very skilled story telling and a precise focus on the characters within.  Evy is our point of view, and she's woken up with no memory of her last days on earth.  So we get to discover alongside Evy the bad guy, the course of events and what to do next.  This was maybe my favorite part of the story; the never knowing. 

The other thing that I'm still amazed about it, is how original this story comes off.  Vampires, goblins, trolls, fairies are nothing new, but Meding's versions are.  Each one's introduction is as unqiue as the next.  I particularly loved her version of the fae.  I hope that we get to see much more of them and the city they inhabit.  But all the "others" are a perfect mix of believable and unusual.

I loved the intensity of the story. It starts right away and literally never stops.  While this keeps the action high, and the tension real, it didn't give us a ton of time for backstory.  Meding did a great job of attaching me to our characters, I just hope that the next book has a little bit more insight and history. I am especially yearning for Wyatt's story. Gimme gimme. 

It's hard to talk more about the story without ruining the experience for you, and I wouldn't want to take that away from you.  But, believe me when I tell you that as soon as I finished I wanted to know what my characters were doing next.  

Bottom line: Meding crafts a non-stop story with characters you'll get hooked on. 

4 stars


  1. Great review!
    Now not only have you got me interested in this book but I'm intriged by the mention of the film. Off to go google it and find out more! :)

  2. Ally: You've never seen Momento?! I hope it's not completely dated now. But it was sooo good. You should rent and watch and bite fingernails a lot. :D

  3. Robyn: This is a great series. I'm almost done with the 2nd. Really original!