Review- Touched by An Alien

I picked up Touched by an Alien based entirely on it's cover.  There's a Ricky Martin look-alike with an average brunette holding a gun. (standard issue) But all around them there's an explosion of monsters, space-shuttle, and car bits.  And the tag-line reads "Katherine 'Kitty' Katt joins forces with gorgeous aliens to protect the Earth, kick evil enemy butt, and save the day" Done. Going home with me.  I had an itch for a light and fun read and Touched by an Alien helped scratch it.

Everything about this story is kooky and a little over-the-top. Even the character's names are a tad ridiculous, in a very good way.  Kitty Katt, a run-of-the-mill earthling runs into Jeff Martini, an Armani-clad gorgeous alien, while fighting and killing what she soon finds out is an alien superbeing sent to earth to take over and destroy.  By killing this creature she is deemed worthy by this group of secret agents and is whisked off to their secret hideout, which turns out to be the real Area 51.  

There a couple things that bothered me a little, and I'll get them out of the way quickly so that I can move on to the parts I really enjoyed.  The way that "Kitty" so easily accepts everything she sees and hears irks me.  She's very smart granted, but even the quickest of minds would bat an eye-lash when witnessing a human turn into a winged creature.  Flinching is what separates us from robots.  The other tiny thing that bugged me slightly is that our intelligent, strong-minded heroine falls so quickly in the sack.  Now I get that this whole story takes place over the course of 48 hours and the juicy bits are fun, but I'm just one of the those odd few that prefers a slow-build when it comes to romance.

Having said that, this book is funny, and exciting, and never ever takes itself too seriously.  Each character is original and interesting, and If you asked me to pick a favorite I couldn't do it.  I'm like a proud aunt "I love them all equally".   There were a few plot twists and surprises that I greatly appreciated, and kept the story compelling.  The dialog is another jewel in the crown.  The conversations are full of banter and witty replies. Such a delight.

Bottom line: The men are gorgeous and fun to imagine and the women brazen and smart.

3.5 stars


  1. Ricky Martin look alike! I love it! I'm glad you enjoyed the book. I decided to take Kitty's utter acceptance of the whole situation with a grain of salt - like the rest of the book. But you are right. I did ask myself a few times "how could she be taking all this so well?!" lol

  2. I had "shake your bon bon, shake your bon bon" in my head for hours!

    Very fun read!

  3. I loved this book! I'm Team Martini, but I just loved all the characters. It was just a nice change from all the vampire books I read. :)

  4. Yes, it was exactly what I wanted it to be. Funny, light, not serious. :D

  5. I have heard many enjoying this book. I have it on the list to get at some point. :) So we do have growing similar lists. Glad you enjoyed it. I have heard it was a fun read. Thanks! I think based on this review I would enjoy the book as well.

  6. I went into it looking for something that wasn't an investment, and it made it a sAweet read. Can't wait for your take. :)

  7. I decided to give this book a try after reading so many good reviews of it but I didn't get very far into the book before putting it aside. I thought it was just too ridiculous, all the heavy flirting that was going on in the beginning of the book, in the midst all the life endangering drama. I felt like the author was trying to push the "romance" part of the book too hard and too early on in the story. It made it so I couldn't' take any of the characters seriously because they were behaving so ridiculously.

  8. Simcha:You're right about ridiculous, but it always seemed to stay on the right side of ridiculous for me.

    I picked up a book recently and tried it twice before sending it away to a friend. Everyone else seemed to like it, but I couldn't. I decided then that every book isn't for everyone, and I appreciated that I trusted my opinion more than others. Always go with your gut. :)

    Thank your for your comment!