Winner Announced

Somehow I've lost a day.  I thought yesterday was Sunday, making today Monday...obviously that's not the case.  Sadly, today is Tuesday meaning I'm a day late in announcing the winner of the first Virtual Book Club.   I'm a very bad blogger and I apologize. 

I hope you've all had as good a Labor Day as I had.  Except yesterday the hubs and I went on a couple hour bike-ride and I have the most awkward sunburn on my face.  Damn spf15 moisturizer, you have failed.  See I wear a bandana when biking to keep my hair out of my face, and apparently it covered a small portion of the top of my forehead.  So not only does my face have the sheen of a ripe cherry tomato, I've got my first tiger stripes.   (i may have to post a picture later and make you all feel sorry for me)  

Ok, so I've talked about myself for long enough, lets get to the real purpose of this post, shall we?    Yesterday I counted up all the comments and the names associated and put them in a hat, and had hubs pick.  And he selected:

Julie (rumor)

Congratulations Julie!!  I will contact you this morning and discuss details.  And thanks again for everyone who stopped by on Friday.  I'm looking forward to our next club. (announcement on that later this week)