1st Chapters!!

Two of my most anticipated releases this year have recently put out their 1st chapters.  I thought they were the perfect amount of tease.  Enjoy

The Renfield Syndrome
J.A. Saare
Rhiannon's Law #2

Click on the image above then click on the same image on the author's website to begin your download of the 1st chapter

Chloe Neill
Hard Bitten
Chicagoland Vampires #4
Pub Date: May 3rd


  1. Oooo, how did I miss this? The first chapter is out for Rhiannon... Hmmm, now do I go read and torment myself or wait... such choices to make. :) Thanks for letting me know!

  2. OMG, wasn't it fantastic?! Do you follower her on Goodreads or her blog? She has mentioned it was very emotional to write this book. I am sooooo scared for Rhi and Disco. It is going to break my heart, but Paine is who I think she will end up with for a while. She told me if I read the end first (which I tend to do, don't judge me ) it would ruin the whole book. So....what is a girl to do .

  3. Melissa: The chapter is good...not TOO tormenting

    Sharon: I know that Jaime said that this is not an "easy" book again. I follow her everywhere lol. One of my friends does the same thing (read the end ) I'm not sure how I feel about your ideas of Paine... I don't want that :(

  4. I think Disco of the future will have moved on and she will seek comfort in Paine. Then when she gets sent back (I assume) she will torn about what to do, cause I think Paine will know.

  5. Sharon: oooh, now I want TRS even more!!! Its a great idea, I wonder how close you'll be

  6. Do you think you will get an ARC? better not tell me, I might cyber stalk you till you talk .

  7. Oooooh Sharon, you're genius! That'd make for some amazing reading.

    I know Jaime said that her original intention was for Rhi to get with Paine. I wonder if that's still been in the cards since she changed the ending of book 1.