DARE Review: Backstage Pass

Olivia Cunning
Contemperary Romance/Erotic Fiction
384 pages
Sinners on Tour #1
Chapter 1

It's been months since Brian Sinclair, lead guitarist for the famous rock band, Sinners, composed anything. Unable to write the music that once flowed so naturally, Brian is lost without his musical mojo. But when sexy psychology professor Myrna Evans comes on tour to study groupie mentality, Brian may have found the spark he needs to reignite his musical genius. When lust turns to love, will Brian be able to convince Myrna that what they have is more than just a fling, and that now that he's found his heart's muse, he doesn't want to live without her?

My "dare" this month, was courtesy of Julie at Yummy Men and Kick-Ass Chicks, so it's no surprise that Backstage Pass has yummy men a plenty. Backstage Pass is the first in a new contemporary romance/erotic fiction series that takes place around the lives of a rock band called Sinners. Picture Motley Crew minus the teased bangs and you're on the right track. Each book of the series will focus on a different member of the band and their pursuit of true love.  

Pass is the story of Brian Sinclair, the band's lead guitarist and Myrna Evans, a human sexuality professor.  Their meet-cute starts the book off in the right direction and makes the whole book easy for a reader to imagine herself in Myrna's shoes.... because who hasn't had a crush on a wickedly bad rock god?  Myrna, a Sinners fan for life, stumbles across the band at a hotel bar where she's having a conference.  She wants to just say hi to the band, but they invite her to join them for a drink, and the rest of the story you'll have to read for yourself. Brian is such a tender character that readers will instantly want a happy ending for him.  

This book is definitely more erotic than romance, in that the story-line      -although present- isn't the main focus of the book.  Quite bluntly, the hot dirty sex is.  So, how do I review on all the sex? Umm, the sex is adventurous and people know how to share.  How was that?  No honestly, Cunning has a great way of keeping the story changing and exciting and there is no possible way readers will get bored of it. At the same time, Cunning creates intrigue with the rest of the band members by providing us with little tidbits of history and solid character development.  I must admit that I'm quite curious to see who the other guys end up with.  

Bottom Line: This book is non-stop steamy fun, but the characters Cunning creates make the story relatable and one you want to be involved in. 

3.5 stars 

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  1. Fantastic review; been waffling on whether to read this one, but this is encouraging. A relatable heroine and steamy hot smexin'...nothing wrong with that! ^_^

  2. This book really is all about the characters...and the sex. Let's not forget the sex. Thanks for accepting this as your dare Jess and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Sinners rock! ;)

  3. Alisha: oh, read it! ... not stop fun. Rock gods are HOT

    Julie: I can't decide who's story I want most Eric or Trey. and I can't believe Sed's is next. LOLOL see... I'm totally hot for Sinners *blushes*

  4. Thanks for the review hot stuff. I think you did a great job. I like that you decided to do this feature. =)

  5. Jen: I'm glad you're enjoying this feature.

    Yours truly,
    Sweet Cheeks

  6. Awesome review Jess! I'm so happy that you gave it a shot and actually are intersted in the what is going to come from the other characters! This is going on my TBR list to see what I think of this genre!

  7. I love your dare books! I'm glad you gave this a chance. I thought Mynra was a bit hard to like, but otherwise loved it.