Review: Haunted Honeymoon at Casa Dracula

Marta Acosta
Paranormal Fiction
310 pages
Casa Dracula #4
Chapter 1
Simon & Schuster

Purposefully omitted...

With the final book in a series, I find it hard to write a review, because I'm so afraid of ruining even the tiniest bit of the plot.  That is definietly the case here.  The story-line of Haunted Honeymoon is nothing short of fantastic. The plot Acosta delivers is frustratingly great, and surprises you at every turn.  It kept changing face, and had this reader rushing through the pages for answers.  Don't read the back cover, or a synopsis anywhere. It'll be more exciting not knowing what to expect next.

I can tell you that Acosta weaves a tale of second chances with the possibility of redemption, in pure Milagro fashion.  That means it'll be funny and outrageous and all together entertaining.  The idea of second chances is nothing new but the way in which Acosta creates such an opportunity is crafty and oh so delicious. Over the series, Milagro has been torn between Oswald and Ian but hasn't really had the opportunity and space to define her true emotions on either. There have always been so many outside interferences that came into play throughout the series, it's no wonder that both Milagro and me the reader were a little confused about our feelings towards either.  Well you wont be confused for long.  I thought it was the perfect finale for Milagro.  

Bottom Line: If I could, I'd never let Milagro go, but this surprising tale of "what ifs" and second chances left me beyond satisfied.

4.5 stars


  1. Wow, a 4.5 review! I'm glad you enjoyed this series. It sounds well done. Nice noon-spoilery shortish review Jess!

  2. I adore the Casa Dracula series, and this one was no exception. Smart, funny, sexy, awesome! I was sorry to let Milagro go, too, but I like that all four books are so good. Not an "off" one in the bunch!

  3. FABULOUS REVIEW, again, (I think fabulous is my new favorite word!) Anyways, I'm glad to see this is a short series with only 4 books and that you loved it that much. I will have to look into reading it...especially now that I know there is actually an end in sight. :-D

  4. You know this is another series I want to get to and have not yet. :) Sounds like another great one. :) Thanks for the review.