Act Now!!!

As we're all aware, there has been a catastrophic event in Japan. What's important is for us not to forget that that country is still dealing with enormous amounts of grief and struggle and heartache. Here are a few ways that you and I can combine our love of all things literary with the relief efforts.

Calling all you writers!  The League of Reluncant Adults has put together 2 AMAZING critique groups, better knowns as Team Claw & Team Fang.  Making up the groups are authors such as, Stacia Kane, Kevin Hearne, Nicole Peeler, JF Lewis, Carolyn Crane, Diana Rowland, the list goes on. {Get the full list of each team here}

Here's an opportunity to get a whole slew of professionals to read and help you with your work. To bid on Team Fang click here.  To bid on Team Claw click here.

Author, Richelle Mead has a TON of signed books from herself and some of her literary friends up for auction.  But HURRY, a lot of them will expire as soon as this is posted.  

Authors For Japan, is a website where authors have indexed a HUGE list of things that they're auctioning off for relief efforts.  Stop in and see if something there takes your fancy.

AReCafe wants you to know that
 100% of the sales made from the erotic anthology 'Coming Together: Special Hurricane Relief Edition' , will go to the American Red Cross.  So if you're looking for something smutty fun to read, why not download it? 

As always, you can donate directly to the Red Cross.  Even, $2 donated by 25% of the American population would be 153 MILLION DOLLARS... and that's only 25% of the population giving just $2 each!  

**Let us not ever forget that we share this same planet. We're all linked by the same human strand; it connects us all.  
I encourage you to do whatever you can. 


  1. On a more fannish bent, there's also http://community.livejournal.com/help_japan with a multitude of auctions.