Coming Up...

So, this past week was pretty eventful. First off, I posted my first article over at Heroes & Heartbreakers, called "Dark Romance".  I had such fun discussing my latest obsession and I hope you'll take a quick sec and give it a read. While you're there, take a look around the site. There are some great sneak peaks, funny posts, and lots more to discover.  

I also received a couple of pretty awesome job leads late last week, and there's one of them I'm especially excited about.  I'm trying not to get too bouncy yet because all I've had so far was a phone conversation, but I'm suppose to meet them at their headquarters soon, and that's where the real palm sweating can begin. Anyway, it's making me feel slightly better about things in that department.  Wish me luck!

This week was also important because it was my best friend's little girl's 9th birthday party, and I had so much fun.  I still remember the day she was born.  She was the first baby I ever witnessed being born, and I remember being amazed when she didn't cry like I thought babies were suppose to.  She just looked really really curious with everything and everyone.  Ok, I swear I'm not gonna get all mushy.  My point in mentioning this is this: You know those little shinny confetti pieces they have for table tops or for the insides of cards?     
Well she had these shiny purple butterflies all over the table at her party.  Of course being the big kid that I am, I thought it would be really cute to lick-n-stick a few around my eyes (Kat VonD style).  And actually is was pretty cute.  Until I went to take them off at the end of the party.  In it's wake were huge hot pink blobs, and a lot of embarrassment.

It took me 2 face washes to get them fully removed.  So, let this be your public service announcement for the week.  Beware the shiny!

So that was the basics of my week last week, here's what's coming up...

I'm currently reading Vicki Pettersson's Neon Graveyard and I'm of course loving it so far.  I hope to have it done today.  Then I'll be reading Queen of Shadows by Dianne Sylvan, and Black Wings by Christina Henry 

Darkness Dawns by Dianne Duvall, Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs by Molly Harper, and Once Upon a Time in Space by Heather Massey. 

What's going on in your week?  What are you reading?  Did a new cover catch your eye?


  1. Dude!! Your poor facey!!!!!!! LOLOL That's totally something I would do, too.

    I am seriously dying for you to finish NEON cuz I need someone to talk to about it!

    I hope you enjoy Queen of Shadows as much as I did. And it takes place in my hometown, Austin!

    Also - Black Wings has gotten some awesome reviews, and some terrible reviews, and I have to know how you like it. If you like it, I'll read it. It's still on my TBR.

  2. Pam: I should have taken a picture when I FIRST peeled them off (this is after scrub down number 1!!)

    I hope I finish Neon today too! I'll keep you posted on all.

  3. OMG! You are allergic to little butterflies! Oh no!
    Good luck on the job front. I'm rootin' for ya!

  4. I saw the picture on twitter of what happened with the confetti! I can't believe it. I'll remember that for the next party I'm at...I know that is completely something I would do! :-P At least you can laugh about it. I will keep my fingers crossed on your job front! Looking forward to your review!

    My week consists of school, school and more school. Blah! I am continuing on with the Sookie Stackhouse Series in my reading area.

  5. Julie: yup allergic to little butterflies, and shrimp... deadly creatures both of them

    Deanna: I know you're always the busy student. Good luck in class!