Coming Up...

If you're wondering why the site was so quiet last week, it was because I went out of town. A couple of my girlfriends and I went to Pismo Beach for an extended weekend, and I just got home late yesterday. We packed in so much fun stuff, it was tough coming home.  

We rode the train there and it was so nice not to have to deal with driving or the airport.  So glad that that one train movie with Denzel Washington didn't somehow make trains a national threat. The train pulls up.  You get on. The train stops. You get off.  It's pretty cool.

We went to this little dutch village about an hour away called Solvang.  It was the one absolutely gorgeous day, so we took advantage of it.  And surprisingly, there weren't a ton of people around.  We shopped, we wine-tasted, we sampled the bakeries, we bought wooden shoes.  The town was a little european village in the middle of the central coast.  It's pretty cool.
But, the best part of driving to Solvang, was finding Ostrichland along the way.  It was this huge ranch that had, you guessed it, ostriches and emus. And you got to feed them.  They are strong little suckers.  

Then we went back to Pismo Beach for some world famous clam chowder at Splash Cafe.  I wont even attempt to tell you how delicious this soup was.  It's seriously making my mouth water as I'm thinking about it right now, and it's like 6 in the morning.  yummmmm  That night we went and saw the local Melodrama/Vaudeville act in Oceano.  It was so funny.  I laughed for like 2 hours straight.
The next day was drizzly and cold so we went hiking in Montana de Oro park, and it was absolutely breathtaking.  Everything was so lush and green because of all the rainfall this year, and the flowers were all blooming.  Even with the cold and the rain, we had the greatest day. 

And of course the trip would not be complete without a crab dinner, so that night {after we thawed out} we went to eat at Cracked Crab in Pismo.  We indulged ourselves with fresh crab, shrimp, corn, potatoes.  It was the perfect end to an amazing trip.  

So now I'm home and trying to figure out my week.  I finally finished Tangled Threads on the train home yesterday. But I didn't read a single page the 5 days prior, so that's going to put me a little behind this week.  This week I will be posting my "DARE" review and this month's "Sound". But other than that I'm not really sure.  


  1. oh wow...so jealous:) but in a good way! glad you had a good time!!

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I'm so happy for you! And all that green!!! Right now, outside my window, it's a mixture of white and brown and gray. Can't wait for the green. lol

  3. Oh you look like you all had a wonderful time! :) So much fun. :)

  4. Kristin: It was fun fun fun

    Becca: It was. Can't remember the last girl's trip I've done.

    Julie: it was so green! all that rain is actually good for the earth

    Melissa: We did. Thanks :D