Review: Demon Song

Cat Adams
Urban Fantasy
382 pages
Blood Singer #3
Chapter 1

In a world where magic is real and the supernatural is almost normal, bodyguard Celia Graves has survived a vampire attack which made her a half-vampire and awakened her latent Siren abilities. She’s battled a Siren Queen to the death and twice faced down a demon that wants to kill her--slowly. She’s also had her heart broken--twice--by her old flame, magician Bruno DeLuca.

Perhaps the worst thing was the discovery that Celia’s life has been warped by a curse laid on her during childhood--the cause of everything from the death of her little sister to the murder of her best friend the same night that Celia became an Abomination.

An ancient rift between the demonic dimension and our own--sealed during the destruction of Atlantis--begins to open, threatening to loose all the demons of hell on humanity (including the one personally bent on destroying Celia). Celia’s hellish recent experiences have given her the unique combination of abilities needed to close the rift. But to overcome the curse, which nearly guarantees her failure, she’ll need to join forces with people she no longer trusts...and put people she has come to care about directly in harm’s way.

Just when I thought I couldn't be more impressed with the writting duo known as Cat Adams, I'm surprised by them yet again. Demon Song comes on the scene to inject the story-arc with fresh plot twists, new character revelations, and a little more fun.  

If you've read my reviews of the two previous books in the series, you'll know that Adams' stacked plots and rich character development is some of the best out there, and there's certainly no changes on that front.  But I was happy with the changes that they did make with the delivery of Demon Song's story. They seemed to tell the story in a slightly lighter way this time by allowing Celia to have a small taste of a normal life -well normal for Celia-. And I liked watching what she did with it.  The intense action and shocking reveals are still around every turn, but they would happen after a girl's weekend, or a good night out instead of being strung along from battle to battle.  Don't worry, it's all still very bad-ass; no danger of chick-lit here. 

In keeping with letting Celia have a little fun, John Creede, the PI mage, is back in a big way this time, and it was pretty awesome to watch tough-as-nails Celia wiggle with excitement each time she'd find herself reacting to his presence. I thought it gave her a real-life quality that she maybe hasn't displayed as much in the past couple books.  And add her ex-fiance Bruno to the mix, can we say "stirring".  Don't worry this series is still all about the action, and fueled by the mysteries within, and not fueled by romantic connections, but I for one liked Celia exploring the "single woman" part of her character.  

Enough of all the soft bits huh, you wanna know about the fights, and the shocking twists. I obviously hate spoilers, so I wont tell you much, but I will tell you that everything you've been learning about Celia and the world she lives in, finally comes together to form an amazing ending to this first story-arc.  There are new events that happen throughout the book that you didn't see coming, and they help keep the story fresh. The ending is awesome. {as it should be right?}  It's satisfying but done in such a way that you end up wanting more still. 

Bottom Line: Celia and her band of misfits are back to compete for the best book of the series. 

4.5 stars

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  1. Wow...you really did like this one! I'm going to have to put this series on my 'to check out someday' list. :)

  2. I love the cover a lot! Glad you enjoyed it so I'm also going to have to put this on my TBR/Check out pile!