Review- Once Upon a Time in Space

Heather Massey
Sci-Fi Romance
DL first 3 chapters 
Red Sage Publishing

Earth is dying. Nick Venture, the last living descendant of Christopher Columbus, embarks on a dangerous mission to find a new planet and save humanity. This places him on a collision course with Raquel Donovan, the deadliest space pirate in the galaxy.

Raquel lives for one purpose: revenge against a horrible demon from her past. When an attempt to hijack Nick’s starship backfires, Raquel becomes his protector in order to avoid capture by the tyrannical Space Defense Corps. Nick and Raquel are irresistibly drawn to one another despite the forbidden nature of their attraction. But the conflicted pirate’s deepest secret could tear the couple apart even as humanity’s time runs out… 

I love a good sci-fi.  There, I'm laying it all out; letting my inner geek out. And Massey's sci-fi is just that, good and fun.  I enjoyed her believable version of space and future, and the on-going power struggle of good vs evil that humanity doesn't ever seem to evolve from.

After a slightly long set-up through separate point of views, our main characters are thrust together under intense and extraordinary circumstances that helps fuel the fast pace of the rest of the story.  I enjoyed how Massey didn't sacrifice the action, in a romantic story-line. There are run-ins with space pirates, an planet that in itself is a monster, and a diabolical regeme focused on galactic rule. But we can't forget to mention the heat.  There is definitely that.  For a romance though, I was surprised, and appreciative of how she makes her characters work for the good stuff. It really helped the connection between the two characters feel real to me, and the natural progression helped the rest of the story really come together.

The other part of Massey's story that had me really surprised was the silent message of what might happen to our planet if we don't take care of it. Her description of a dead earth, an earth so uninhabitable that people are forced underground to survive, is easily imaginable... as scary as that is. 

Bottom Line: Although it's not a perfect read, Once Upon a Time in Space is an entertaining and exciting story of love and space adventure.

3 stars 


  1. I have this one to read soon-I can't wait to get to it now. :)

  2. Colette: We are such reading twins lately :D

  3. Great review Jess! I will admit that I do enjoy several different books but I've never read any real sci-fi books. I guess I'm not sure where to start with them...any suggestions on a good book to try to get my feet wet in this genre?

  4. D: YES! Grimspace by Ann Aguirre. My FAV FAV FAV