Coming Up...

I had one of the worst reading slumps last week. I would start a book and by about page 50 I'd be looking at my book shelf, thinking about what else I could read... even if the book had a pretty good start.  I have never had it so bad. Nothing could "restart" me! Eventually I spent 2 whole days doing other things besides reading. I took up drumming, found a solution to that whole Lybia crisis, and stopped Japan's nuclear reactors from being the next Chernobyl. What? Oh, I'm dreaming again.  No honestly, mostly I spent a couple days scouring the web for music.  But it got me thinking.
Do you do anything special when you're in a slump?  I'd love to know your tricks.

This coming week is very exciting.  Two of my girlfriends and I are heading to Pismo Beach, for a girl's weekend!  We're taking the train up there, and I haven't taken a train since I was 18, so be expecting a lot of tweets on Wednesday about that experience.  So yeah, I leave on Wednesday and get back on Sunday, so the site is going to pretty quiet while I'm gone.  

I'm currently finishing up Dianne Sylvan's Queen of Shadows and absolutely LOVING it.  Then I'll be reading my "Dare" and I'm also going to read Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs. For whatever reason, I stopped this series after book 3 and never came back.  Hopefully I find a little more interest this time.  

I will post a couple reviews, Black Wings by Christina Henry and Queen of Shadows by Dianne Sylvan before I leave.

Shameless Re-mentions:
There are a couple posts that are very special to me and I want to mention again, in case you missed them. This weekend I posted a list of things that we can do to contribute to the relief efforts for Japan.  There are several ways to combine your love of books with the relief efforts.  Please take a few minutes and read all about it.

On to something completely different, did you get a chance to see our March centerfold?!?!


  1. YAY!!!!!!! I knew you'd love Queen of Shadows!!!!!!!!!

  2. OMG Pam! It's simply amazing. So dark but it works. TY TY TY for the rec *smooches*

  3. Not another book that you are absolutely loving that is a first in a series! My to-read pile can't get any bigger...and you keep finding ways to make me make it bigger! But you know what that means? You've found a book that makes you happy and excited and that means your slump is over! Woot!
    I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip. The train is awesome! I love taking the train.

  4. I hope your trip is going great! :-) I have been in a couple reading slumps but normally I'll just watch some TV for a couple days or hang out with friends...I've been in a few where I just keep checking out different books and finally find that one that just grabs my attention and then I'm out of it. So not sure what else I do that is very entertaining. LOL.