Review- Bitten

To be honest, I am not a big WERE fan; I stopped reading Patricia Brigg’s Mercedes Thompson series after the third book. I never felt comfortable with the idea of women coming off as a subordinate, no matter how tough they tried to be.   But after reading Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten I’ve had a severe change of heart.

When we first meet Elena she is living in Toronto with Phillip, her boyfriend, leading a relatively normal life.  Only one problem she’s not normal; she’s the only female werewolf in existence.  Elena was not born a werewolf, she was changed (no, I won’t tell you by whom) later in life, and she’s been fighting against her new Were instincts ever since.
Her old life shows up in the form of a phone call from her former mentor Jeremy telling her she’s needed back home because the pack are being threatened by some nonconformists.

The story takes off as soon as she returns home.  Her relationships with her “brothers” are effortless and I loved the different dynamics she has with each of them.

You realize quickly that Clay is more than just a brother to Elena.  Clay’s character is easy to love.  He’s definitely not perfect, but he tries so hard.  He makes his intentions towards Elena clear, and makes her question what she’s really running from.

The story moves along comfortably, and has enough action and plot to put your brain at work.   Armstrong’s characters are well-crafted, and Elena makes for a good narrator.  All in all this is an easy read to slip into and enjoy thoroughly.
4 of out 5 stars

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