Review- Monster

Honestly, I bought Monster because I thought the cover was pretty bad-ass, and I'm really into yellow lately.   For whatever reason, I was not aware of A. Lee Martinez nor any of his stories.  I sat down to start this book and 15 pages in I'm laughing my ass off, and saying "This is gonna be gooood"  So I'm wondering, am I the last person to find this amazing author?  But, I was reassured that "No... There's a guy in Quebec who is still holding out."  

Enter a world, where magic exists but humans are just too dumb to remember it, or sometimes can't even see it right in front of them.  A set of circumstances involving a Yetti, a supermarket, and the frozen foods isle put Monster, a Cryptobiological Rescuer, and Judy, a down-on-her-luck supermarket employee, on the same path.  

For a guy named Monster, he sure is a pansy.  He gets beat up by at least 3 girls I can remember, and complains about how bad a punch hurts when he does throw one.  His girlfriend is a demon who runs his life and completely belittles him, and he wont do a thing to change it.  I must say, I found his character refreshing and hilarious.  Often in fantasy stories "the guy" always puts our heroine first, thinks only of others, and never falters.  I liked watching what can happen when you take all of that away. Favorite Monster quote:
"Let me guess. Her name is Charity. Or Chastity. Or Modesty. Still can't figure out why angels all have stripper names."

Judy has been plagued with bad luck her whole life. So much so that she finds herself the family outcast, without friends, working at a job she hates.  She quickly becomes part of something she can't possibly explain.  Again, Judy's character is different than most leading ladies.  She's basically given up on life and is slightly depressing.  (but since I know how this story ends I think she is a symbol of hope)

For such a twisted tale, I laughed out loud A LOT.  One minute Monster's girlfriend is getting completely turned on remembering how she tortured some little kids.  And the next minute Judy comes off like a complete nut job writing reminders on her body so she wont forget what she's seen.
"Magic. Is. Real." She tapped her temple. "And I don't care if there is something wrong with my brain - this time, I'm going to remember."
The story is a cross between Hell-boy and Beetlejuice, and a breath of fresh air.  Have a case of series-itis?  Go forth and read Monster and call me in the morning.

4.5 out of 5

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