Review- Magic Burns

After finishing Magic Bites, I became a tad bit obsessed.  Stalking the web and IA site for short stories, behind the scene info, anything that I could get my hands on to stay enveloped in Ilona Andrew's fantasy version of Atlanta, Georgia.  I started Burns three seconds after I finished Bites, and I think this follow up has added fuel to the fire. 

We're back in Atlanta 3 months after our last story ended.  And I don't think I like that events have happened that I don't know about.  It lends interest sure, but I feel a little gypped; like I've missed out on so much.  This time around Kate Daniels is hired by her favorite pack leader, Curran, to retrieve a set of maps that were stolen and quickly discovers that there is much more afoot than simply the stolen maps. 

The plot was solid, even if at times I had to remind myself of Kate's true objectives, but the characters remain the golden ticket in this series.   A couple of new characters are added in this book and they each fit easily into the story.  

Bran is probably my favorite new character.  He's an errand boy of sorts for a God who is looking to enter earth due to the recent spike of magic surges.  He pushes all the right buttons of our heroine and even though he's technically on the other side you often wonder what he's up to throughout the story.  

There was a subtle undertone that everyone is ruled by someone or something that I found thought-provoking.  I think it's interesting to push at character's vulnerabilities, because in life every decision is influenced by something.

This sequel was not a Godfather II, but I am looking forward to the next in this series.

4 out of 5 stars


  1. I like when I get books that I need more of. I have to have the deleted scenes and short stories to go with it. :) So glad you are enjoying this series. I have it on my wish list, but have to find time to get to it. Thanks!

  2. Oh I definitely went a little over the edge silently stalking IA. :) There is so much on her site to get the tongue waggin' When you read I'd love to know what you think!