What to do, What to do...

I consider myself a pretty loving wife.  Hubs and I have been together for 7 years and we share most of the same interests, except for 1 (or 100, but that's for another story) MadMax.  As a boy who grew up in a tiny village in Ireland he was constantly outdoors doing boy things, only to return when the night was pitch black.  So of course he loved MadMax. To this day, I'm tortured anytime MadMax is re-run for the millionth time on TV.  Here's where we get to the wife guilt.  I just came across Wasteland Weekend, a MadMax re-enactment of sorts in the Southern California desert and my fear now is, if I tell him about it he might actually want to go.  Now, I'm a sci-fi loving girl like any other, but "re-enactment" is not something I want on my cred sheet.

Now what's a girl to do?!


  1. Well if you do it. You could make him do something you know he doesn't care for.

  2. OMG. That is hilarious. My husband would love to go along. He can often be overheard quoting lines in an Aussie accent, such as: "Three days ago I saw a rig that could 'aul that tank-ah. You wanna get out of 'ere? You talk to me."

    Hmm. It is prolly good we live out here in MN. You better not tell.

  3. Carolyn: LOL! We'll send them on walk-about together!
    *you're nicer than me...my husband is still in the dark

  4. Robyn: That's a great idea, too bad comic-con already passed ;)

  5. I take it that your MadMax of a husband isn't into sci-fi like you are otherwise he would probably have already found out about this "reenactment" through your blog...
    Showing him that you recognize his "favs" is a great thing. Doesn't mean you have to like it or even give a shit about participating in it, but hell---he deserves a little dessert in the desert, too, doesn't he?!
    Love ya girl!

  6. LOL! I think he probably avoids the site b/c he already hears me talk my talk all. day. long.
    Yes, he does deserve it, but I'm clearly too selfish ;)