Review- On the Edge

Some books you just have to accept for what they are.  On the Edge is a romance novel.  And I'm not really into romance novels.  Don't get me wrong I love a little "action", need a little "action" ,but straight up romance novel plots are usually pretty weak, and characters declare true love entirely too fast.  So, even though I purchased this book under the impression that is was an urban fantasy I have to come to terms with the fact that is a romance novel in disguise.

Rose Drayton and her two younger brothers live in a world called the Edge, a place situated between 2 realms, the Weird and the Broken.  The Broken is meant to be the world as you and I know it, where Magic doesn't exist and people shop at Wal Mart.  The Weird is the world you read about in fairytales.  A place where aristocracy reigns supreme and bluebloods are muscle-clad with piercing eyes and shoulder length wavy hair.   The world in which Rose lives in is confusing.  It is an anarchic society, where matters are handled with fists and double-cross. And people are merely surviving.  

Rose has a special gift that no other "edger" can perform and she has had to isolate herself in order to survive. So when a blueblood from the Weird named Declean shows up on her lawn, she assumes he wants her for her power like everyone else.  From here our story falls in line with a basic romance novel plot. 

Rose's two younger brothers are the highlight of the story.  Georgie, is a bleeding heart who can raise anything from the dead, and does often.  In order to keep these creatures alive he is giving up a small part of himself each time and is becoming sick because of it.  Jack is the youngest and can change into a lynx.  He is a free spirit who wants to run free. 
Each character is unique and lovable.

The writing is solid and the book is good.  

3 out of 5


  1. I have heard people who have enjoyed this series. It does sound good. But as I do like a little bit of romance and fun, I am not a big romance reader. And though this series sounds interesting, it really isn't something to grab my attention as there are so many other books out there I want and just can't get or get to before this. :)

    Thanks for the review!

  2. If it was any other writer this book probably would have received a 2.5 but since i'm currently devouring the "magic" series of hers I could step out of the story (that I didn't really like) and appreciate the writing.
    I hope that doesn't come off too harsh...