Review- Mind Games

It’s not often that a plot throws me, but the first in the new Disillusionists Trilogy absolutely did. 50 pages deep and I’d already decided that this book would be the typical, girl can do things she never knew she could before & handsome newcomer is willing to show her all that she can be, thrown in with a little sexual tension because she’s technically with someone and Bob’s your uncle.  But that was definitely not the case here!

Justine, our lead, is a hypochondriac who is nearly debilitated by her fear of a particular vascular condition called Vein Star, which is heightened by the fact that her mother died from it.  As you’d expect, this disease has trapped our heroine in a lot of ways.  She craves normalcy, a desire to belong. 
Enter Sterling Packard, a gorgeous high-cap who sees people’s psychological structures, mapping out a person’s fears, desires, & secrets.  Sterling and his pack of misfits show Justine how they “zing” each of their specific neurosis (alcoholism, gambling, extreme rage) into criminals according to a criminal’s specific fears and disillusion them.  These zings in-turn eliminate fear from our main character and the rest of the gang temporarily and grant society with one less sociopath.  “ …disillusionment crashes and reboots people.”  Needless to say, after Justine’s first hit she’s hooked; this is what she’s been craving all her life….normal.  Of course, her life turns into anything but. 
Justine’s fellow disillusionists –as they refer to themselves- were a great addition to the story.  Even though our tale is told through the first person POV, the author gives good insight into these new people in Justine’s life.  You find it easy to care for them…most of them.
Our main character was frustrating at times, but believable.   It was easy, as a reader, to picture myself in Justine’s shoes; imagine myself grappling with the same tough decisions.  Although Justine goes through many changes in this first book she does a good job of maintaining her character, which I liked.

It’s hard to really talk more about the book without giving anything away, and I wouldn’t want to spoil.  This book kept twisting and turning and I honestly had no idea what was around the corner. *raises hands to the heavens*
The writing was progressive, the characters believable, and I can’t wait for more.
4 out of 5 stars


  1. I was very happy with this book myself. I have to say I really enjoyed the characters as well. And the Disillusionist are great additions! They are quite a crew. I am looking forward to reading the next book now. :)

  2. I'm SO looking forward to Double Cross! (already pre-ordered) I know you've recently discussed the book on your site, but if you want some more, I'll be hosting a virtual book club on this book Sept 3rd all day.

    (click on the book in the right for all the info)

  3. So glad you stopped by the blog to chat of the book. :)

    And Cool! The Virtual tour. I just checked it out and will have to stop by then to chat. I really enjoy Carolyn's questions, so I am curious to see what ones you have and to chat about them. :)