Review- Skinwalker

OK let’s just start off by saying, Jane Yellowrock is one of the toughest characters I’ve ever read, a complete bad-ass.  She doesn’t scare easily, doesn’t get distracted, and she never flinches.  And maybe that’s why this book was harder to get into for me.  I like distractions, and I think mistakes build character.  Having said that, I am definitely fascinated by her.

 Jane’s point of view is split between a Cherokee shifter or “skinwalker” who can take nearly any form she needs with help from her Indian heritage, and a centuries old creature she refers to only as “beast”.  I found it very interesting that both parts of her -human & animal- think independently but they make crucial decision together.  The sci-fi geekette in me loved this almost Jekly & Hyde internal struggle she battles with.  

  Jane is a rouge vampire hunter, who gets hired by a vampire council to exterminate a psychopathic vampire killer in New Orleans.  Our plot is interesting and not easily ferreted out, which is always appreciated.  There weren’t a ton of twists, but I could never quite put my finger on the answers.  But in my opinion, this book is much more about Jane’s self-awareness than the plot.  She’s trying to figure out her past; who and what she is.  

 Jane is introduced to a lot of new characters throughout the story, but she doesn’t form real relationships with a single one. Jane has an earth witch friend named Molly, but we only get to interact with her over a couple of phone conversations. It made for a lonely story for me.
Because you are so fascinated by this character, when she enjoys something you are completely drawn to it.  I wanted to take up belly dancing and tea drinking by the end of this book.   I also thought the nicknames she came up with for people were hilarious; “Big-Gun-Red-Shirt”, “Bruiser”, “Troll” , “The Joe” 

Jane’s story felt a little heavy at times, but I am interested to see what happens next in her world so I will definitely be reading the next book, Blood Cross.
3.5 out of 5 stars


  1. I first read about Jane in an anthology. (at the moment I can't remember which one it was) But I really liked the world that Faith created in that short story. So I had to run out and pick up this book. I now have it on my shelf waiting for me... I just have to get there. :) I am curious about the read now. Thanks.

  2. Faith is such a skilled author. This series came highly recommended to me, and I enjoyed it. I am hoping for a couple of key things to happen in the story of course, but it was a good beginning :) I'm excited to see what you think. Let me know!