Cha Cha Changes

I'm aware that New Year's Resolutions are old-hat at this point, but I basically lost a week so it kinda feels like Jan 2nd to me...

There are quite a few things that I want to accomplish this year. Cure Alzheimer's, open up my own bakery, play the drums like John Bonham.  Oh wait!  I've stumbled into my dream world again.  Here are some things I've been thinking of and some changes you'll notice this year at The Spinecracker

  • There will be a new segment once a month called "Dare Me".  I'll ask a literary friend to pick a book that they Dare Me to read, something that's maybe a little outside my comfort zone....and every once and a while maybe I'll get to repay the favor.
  • Because of this new segment, I will no longer be hosting a Book of the Month discussion. 
  • I'm going to try and fool around with my layout a little bit this year, get the site looking like what I see in my head, and function the way I need/want it to.  Any input/suggestions/critiques you can give me would be invaluable. 
  • I'm really trying to ramp up my reading this year.  I'm trying to shoot for 3 books a week. We'll see if that's laughable thinking.
  • And lastly, another monthly segment.  Before books for me, there was music.  I was obsessed. I'm still totally into it of course, but since starting the reading blog I've neglected scouting out music like I use to.  So I'm trying to bring both of my obsessions onto the same page.  I'll be creating a post once a month where I talk about my favorite music from the month.  I hope it doesn't scare anyone away.

I hope that you've liked what you see around here, and I hope that you'll continue to stick around with me in 2011.  


  1. I like the idea of 'Dare Me' it'll be fun to read I think!
    I'll be interested in what music you'll be talking about, I'm not a music person sadly but I always like to know what other people like because you never know what jem you might hear about :)

  2. Ally: My music taste can be eclectic, and I'm sure people are going to think I'm completely insane. O.o

    I'm really looking forward to the DARE... should be entertaining :D

  3. I really really like the Dare Me idea. That is so fun it borders on brilliant. Good thinking Jess! :)

  4. Julie: Surely not, but "fun" yes :D

  5. It's never too late to make resolutions. I should know...I make 'em the beginning of every month. =D

    I'm with everyone else on the Dare Me feature. I think it'll be fun to see your reaction to stuff you wouldn't really think to try.

    Definitely looking forward to your music feature. I love music and, like yourself, tend to be pretty across the board with what I listen to. Can't wait to compare notes.

  6. So happy you are officially moved into your house! I can't wait to see your input of Dreamfever on Thursday. I think the "Dare Me" post is a fantastic idea! I'll be interested to see what others dare you to read and how you respond to that. Can't wait to see what your new layout turns out to look like!

  7. Ok, now I have the David Bowie song stuck in my head...all because of your blog title, lol!

  8. JenD: Yay! I'm so glad at least one person wont roll their eyes when it's time for my music segment each month LOL

    Deanna:Thanks, I hope you like what's ahead here

    Kristin: BAH! My work here is done

  9. Sounds great! :) All of it, although I will miss the chats. But that is okay. Sounds like you have some big plans here. Can't wait to see them go into affect. :) Have fun!