This Month's Sound

I love music.  Always have.  I like scouring the net looking at and listening to all the new sounds that artists' put out.  I'm constantly amazed by it. Here are some tunes I've been listening to this month...

**I never ever EVER steal from artists (bands or writers).  Everything posted here was either a free download provided by the band, or from my own music library.**

"Restoration" by THE ACORN

Might be my favorite song this month:
"Listen Heartbeat" by CASSIS ORANGE

I can't help but like this song...it gets my toes tapping and shoulders a shaking
"Schizophrenia" by JUKEBOX THE GHOST

Even though Pitchfork gave Tapes-n-tapes new album a mediocre score, I really like the single they've put out.
"Freak Out" by TAPES 'N TAPES

"Magic Fingers" by HANDS

"How to Pass The Time" by ATLAS SOUND

Couple of great tracks this month at Daytrotter.com from OkGo 
"White Knuckles" by OK Go

"I Want You so Bad I Can't Breath" by OK Go

One of my favorite low-fi/indie-pop groups SayHi is in the process of releasing their latest album "Um, Oh Oh"  and they gave a free preview of the entire album on Paste.  So listen to the single below and if you like what you hear go check out the whole album on Paste then let your wallet have a little fun.
"Devils" by SAY HI

And I leave you with a couple new beach-band redo 60s pop songs.  (i know there's a ton out there this past year+, but I think these are interesting)

"Marathon" by TENNIS


  1. I love that you decided to do music posts. I heart music something fierce! Thanks for sharing all these new to me artists! I'm really liking Tennis.

  2. This is a cool post Jess! Can't wait until next month's. :)

  3. Jen & Julie: Thanks for stopping by you guys.