Review: Tempest's Legacy

Nicole Peeler
Urban Fantasy
368 pages
Jane True #3
Orbit Books

Jane True has become proficient in basic magics, confident in herself and her abilities, and happily rooted in Rockabill. Her life is still divided between her supernatural brethren and her human friends and family, but it’s a division she maintains with very little trouble.

Everything changes, however, when Anyan brings Jane news that will force her to confront her dichotomized existence – supernatural females are being murdered, or have simply disappeared.

Jane and Anyan must embark on a desperate search to find out who is abducting these women, and how Jane can be protected from them. Aiding them is Jane’s former flame, Ryu. But can his stated motivations be trusted? And who are the mysterious figures dogging Jane’s and Anyan’s footsteps if not minions of Jarl?

Eventually, the trio stumble upon a secret so huge that it threatens to disrupt the tenuous traditions keeping humanity safe from the supernatural community that has, up until now, been content to lurk in the shadows.

Will they uncover the truth in time to save Jane’s friends? And just how far will Jarl go to protect his secrets?

Wow, you think Jane was bas-ass before, wait until you see her in Legacy. She's come into her own and really paying attention to her thoughts and emotions.  Her transformation was cool to witness in Tracking The Tempest, but watching her hold onto those realizations and turn them into this warrior physique was pretty much tits.

Thankfully, Peeler doesn't let all this power turn our Jane emotionless.  On the contrary.  Jane bares more of herself than ever before, drawing readers closer to her still.  One minute my heart is aching and the next my stomach is full of butterflies pleading for a certain "connection".... all other vital organs were on high alert. Jane remains one of the most original, spontaneous, and down-right lovable characters I've read, and don't get me started on her inner-monolgues, I'd be spouting out quotes all day. 

The action in this installment was pretty much constant, leaving my inner hedonists panting.  But the tender moments we see from Julian, Anyan and others kept me grounded, reminding me that there is so much more to this great series than a string of well-placed matrix-esque battles--there's heart.  True emotions continue to pop up from all the characters throughout the story, catapulting my involvement forward.  

Bottom Line:  I've just plowed through these books because I can't get enough of Jane True...why aren't you reading this series?!

4.5 stars
*Given a copy from the publisher for review


  1. I read book one in this series and enjoyed it...I need to catch up!

  2. Kristin: I hope you do, Jane keeps getting better!

  3. Loved! One of my favorite books of 2010!

  4. Wow. You do like this series a lot. I'll pick it up this year sometime then for sure...

  5. Pam: I can't believe I have to wait until the summer ofr more *cries*

    Julie: I hope you do. I think you'd like Jane. :D

  6. Okay, I have to admit. I started to read the review and stopped. I have this one on my shelf and want to be surprised when I finally get to dig in. I just need to get a few of these review books done. Oh, if life would just let up a little bit maybe I could get somewhere. ;) Nothing bad, just loads of running around lately and trying to get that other house cleaned up for shows. yuck. :) Glad you enjoyed it so much!